Harrison Bbq Dip Pots 25g X 100pcs

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Harrison Bbq Dip Pots 25g X 100pcs :-

  • :- Carbs
  • :- Fats
  • :- Protein
  • :- Vitamins and Minerals


Sauces, Dips

Harrison Bbq Dip Pots 100 X 25 Gr :-

A classic brand and design brings a quality sauce range in versatile portions. The Harrison Bbq dip pots are packed in a continent branded case of 100 portions Harrison Bbq Dip Pots is a significant source of carbohydrates, with up to 17 grams in two tablespoons. The carbs in barbecue sauce come primarily from added sugar, with tomato sauce accounting for the rest.

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