Mirinda Strawberry Cans 330ml X 24pcs

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Mirinda Strawberry Cans 330ml X 24pcs

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Mirinda Strawberry 24 X 330 Ml Eu

Mirinda Strawberry 24x330ml Mirinda was originally produced in Spain. It became available in the United States in late 2003 in bilingual packaging, and initially sold at a reduced price, presumably to become a competitor against Coke's Fanta brand. Since 2005, Mirinda flavours have largely been sold under the Tropicana Twister Soda brand in the United States except in Guam, where Pepsi began selling it under the Mirinda brand in 2007 (replacing Chamorro Punch Orange). Pepsico also tried to sell Mirinda in Brazil in late 1996, but the brand was discontinued in 1997 after weak sales, keeping the local brand Sukita under production. In Italy, it is sold under the brand Slam.

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