Ribena Strawberry 250ml X 24pcs

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Ribena Strawberry 250ml X 24pcs :-

  • :- Ideal for parties, lunch boxes, or fridges
  • :- Strawberry Flavor
  • :- Daily dose of vitamin C
  • :- Contains real fruit juice
  • :- No added sugar
  • :- No artificial colors


Drinks, Juices

Ribena Strawberry 24x250 Ml :-

We love Strawberry because they help give Ribena its unique taste; We're passionate about which Strawberry are special enough to make it into Ribena; That's why Ribena has been enjoyed for generations; Keep active; Eat healthy; Enjoy Ribena. It is a perfect pack for the lunch box at school, work or on the go. It can be taken with snacks/meals, and consumed by children and young adults. Made with British Strawberries.

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